Somewhere between procrastination and impulsivity

Could there be a comfortable place where we don't judge ourselves for taking the time to think, to pond.

Are we allowed to exist somewhere between impulsivity and procrastination?  Accepting that planning is a lengthy and complex cognitive process. Panning takes time : it is different than procrastination. Pondering is not (necessarily) procrastination. Taking time to stare at the wall while thinking, scribble steps on a paper, try to figure out how to strategically approach a complex task takes time - and that is "normal".
Could normal functioning also involve making attentionnal mistakes, sometimes? Not knowing how to solve a problem? Feeling overwhelmed? Not wanting to continue to solve a problem? Wanting to quit? Be more excited by novelty than tedious task? Are those normal?
A normal human cognition is far from perfect. We have flaws and imperfections within our thinking processes... Actually, whether we like it or not, our neurocognitive processes ARE imperfect, already. Humans make mistakes while processing information. Humans need time to elaborate complex plans.
The human thinking machine is quite amazing if you ask me but, alas, its not limit-free. Just like the human body. Annoying. I know. Imperfection is amongst us, inside us, we manage it everyday. Whether one identifies with the labels "neuro-atypical" or "neuro-typical", no one's cognition is perfectly efficient and error-less. Period. Attention is flawed, memory is often dependent on attention, planning takes time, doing great work takes efforts and commitment.
As a neuropsychologist, I am *fascinated* by the many roots of the mistakes we make (neuro cognition, psychology, contexts, and, most importantly, the interaction between those 3).  Next time you make a mistake that annoys you, try reviewing it asking these questions:
  • what were the cognitive processes involved (reading, paying attention, memorizing, etc?)
  • what were the emotions involved?
  • what was the context? was I in "winning conditions given who i am?