Book with Dre Gagnon
Founder of the clinic, Dre Gagnon is dedicated to her craft. She offers assessments and interventions with a focus on understanding one's cognition and explaining the roots of your symptoms.
Book Dre Desormeaux
Skilled neuropsychologist with over 20 years of experience. Offers services to clients aged 14 and above. She specializes in ADHD, learning disabilities and giftedness. 
Book with Dr Houdeib
Neuropsychologist with a focus on adults who suffer from memory or attention difficulties. Trilingual and passionate about the human mind.
Book Marie Joelle Beaudoin
Doctorante. Supervisée par la Dre Gagnon en été/automne 2024 avant d'aller en post-doctorat à Toronto en 2025.
Book Rachel Downey
PhD candidate. Supervised by Dre Gagnon in FALL 2024 : she is coming back to Montreal after completing her 12 months pre-doctoral residency in Winnipeg, Manitoba!
Upcoming in 2025 : Erika Nolan
Doctorante. Travaille pour la clinique depuis 5 ans dejà (une perle!). Acceptera des clients et sera supervisée par la Dre Gagnon en HIVER 2025
Évaluations et Traitements en Francais ou en Anglais avec des Neuropsychologues
OPQ Licensed
Licensed Psychologist and Neuropsychologists are specifically covered by personal insurances
Tailored evaluations
Neuropsychologists offer tailored assessment to help you understand yourself
After graciously offering decades of commitment to our public system, Dre Desormeaux has recently transitioned to private practice and has availabilites for new clients.
Trained in Quebec, Ontario and USA.
Dr Gagnon has completed trainings at Harvard, Laval, Toronto and Western Universities
Skilled neuropsychologist
Dr Gagnon holds a PhD in Research & Intervention in Neuropsychology and a Post Doctoral Fellow in Geriatric Psychiatry.
Supervising Neuropsychologists
Dre Desormeaux has trained dozens of neuropsychologists over her 20 years of practice
Everyone is different. Evaluations and Interventions are adjusted to the client
Practitioners Network
Working in collaboration with all your health practitioners
Comfortable Clinic
Pleased to welcome clients in my new downtown office
McGill lecturer
Dre Gagnon teaches at McGill to help train the next generation of clinicians
International speaker
Dre Gagnon gives conferences to Canada Gouv, Amazon, startups, BKK hospitals and many more

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