Decision not taken

This task you procrastinate on… the one that has been in your to do list for age… could it be “a decision not yet taken”

Could you have bigger concerns to address, before you can go ahead with this task?

Here is an illustration of a case :

Imagine Joe. Joe has to prepare his presentation for the “job of his dreams”, becoming the CEO of his father’s company. Such a pivotal moment in his and his family’s life!

Joe has been putting off this presentation for months and has been late to send documentations. He is disorganized, doesn’t know where to start this simple task, gets confused and distracted along the way. Joe wonders about ADHD.

The symptoms are indeed similar but the root issue is MUCH more interesting : Joe has not fully decided, yet, if he wants to go ahead with this plan. He has not yet analyzed his conflicting desires and did not yet have this important conversation him self : “does he want this position”?

born missing 1 toe on a foot. It really annoys him. He relates most of his difficulties to this missing toe : its hard for him to run errands, and to practice some sports, or to just go from point A to B. He feels a foot prosthesis would help him live a “normal” life.

Does procrastination necessarily means ADHD ?  I cant say it does. Some people, sometimes, procrastinate for very valid reasons: here Joe is unable to start the task because the ground work has not been done yet.

Is there a “decision not taken” hiding behind some of your procrastination patterns?